Custom Illustration

Besides portraits, I also accept commissions for other custom artwork, such as book illustrations, custom cards, logo or tattoo designs, etc. Below are some examples from past commissions that I've completed; if you'd like a quote or have other questions, please send me a message.




This 9 by 12" ink and art marker drawing was made as a gift for the woman in the drawing. The goal was to show the woman and her dog in an imaginative setting; I can't exactly remember how we decided on the soda fountain, but it was a lot of fun to draw. I put the soda fountain together by using several different reference photos and some making-things-up.


This portrait was commissioned by the father of a little boy, with the idea of showing the son as his favorite TV character, Pocoyo:

pocoyo cartoon

The father had made a collage of photos to show how he wanted the portrait to show a sort of "live action" version of the cartoon.

Brayden's Portrait.jpg