Custom Illustration

Besides portraits, I also accept commissions for other custom artwork, such as book illustrations, custom cards or stickers, logo or tattoo designs, etc. Below are some examples from past commissions that I've completed; if you'd like a quote or have other questions, please send me a message.

Halibut copy.jpg

This halibut was made into a custom sticker for a gift shop in Alaska. The original is pen and ink and marker.


This 11 by 14” pen and ink and marker drawing was commissioned to hang in an office where the company members had the nickname “Plaidypus” for each other.


This 9 by 12” ink and watercolor illustration of the muscles of the pelvic floor was commissioned by an OB/Gyn to hang in her office.


This watercolor of a family home measures 9 by 12'. I worked from photos of the family’s house, then added the figures and extra flowers in the garden.


This 9 by 12” colored pencil drawing is part of an ongoing project where I illustrate funny quotes from middle school students. It was commissioned by their teacher, who sends me one or two quotes a year to add to the collection.


This 9 by 12" ink and art marker drawing was made as a gift for the woman in the drawing. The goal was to show the woman and her dog in an imaginative setting; I can't exactly remember how we decided on the soda fountain, but it was a lot of fun to draw. I put the soda fountain together by using several different reference photos and some making-things-up.


This portrait was commissioned by the father of a little boy, with the idea of showing the son as his favorite TV character, Pocoyo:

pocoyo cartoon

The father had made a collage of photos to show how he wanted the portrait to show a sort of "live action" version of the cartoon.

Brayden's Portrait.jpg